Freedom For All Ireland (FFAI) Reception for IHO Ms. Carmel Quinn of the Ballymurphy Families on November 14


The FFAI/AOH sponsored the Ballymurphy Massacre presentation at the Irish Embassy by Carmel Quinn. Carmel Quinn’s brother was assassinated by British troops. Tragic story of violent oppression that helped trigger the Troubles. Carmel Quinn and her husband run a boxing gym for both Protestant and Catholic kids -Townland Boxing Club, Antrim, Northern Ireland.  The Quinn’s gym will likely be a recipient of FFAI funds.

See message below from our State President Bill Halpin and YouTube presentation on the Ballymurphy Massacre. 

——– Original message ——– From: Bill Halpin—–

Mullan, a Catholic priest, was shot and killed while waving a white cloth and rushing to the aid a wounded man. In the course of three days, the British Army killed eleven innocent civilians in Ballymurphy.  This is the same British unit, 1st Battalion, Parachute Regiment, responsible for the better known Bloody Sunday massacre several month later on January 30 1972. Watch the video about the tragedy at Ballymurphy and the beginning of the Troubles.

At the November State Meeting, Col Cunningham Division challenged every VAAOH division to match its $1,000 donation the current (FFAI) campaign.  Now you know why this support to FFAI is important.