AOH Volunteers Recognized by Christ House

Christ House awarded the AOH a Certificate of Appreciation for their continued support of their programs on November 2 at the The Basilica School of St. Mary. Christ House representatives also presented the AOH a copy of a painting that was done by one of the residents. The AOH was recognized with several individuals and over 40 organizations.  The keynote speaker was Father Cilinski who served as an acting director of Christ House over forty years ago and provided an historical background of Alexandria and Christ House.  He spoke about the Irish who helped start St. Mary Parish and promote Catholicism in Alexandria.  Catholic immigrants came from all over the world to the parish to create a diverse community at St. Mary.  He said this is evident by the names on the grave markers at the St. Mary Cemetery next to the school where his parents and two uncles (who were priests) are buried. A Christ House resident thanked the volunteers for helping all of the residents transition to a productive life. 
Special thanks to Past President Bill McCarthy and his wife, Kelly, for getting us involved with Christ House and to Brother John Kilday who organizes the food and volunteers for the evening meals.  Kudos to our entire Division for supporting Christ House through volunteering and raising money (Hooley) to support Christ House.