Cooney’s Irish Cabaret & Pat Troy!

Cooney Friends  Special POSTER  2015 with appHi Terry:

Attached is information about our March 14th Cooney’s Irish Cabaret show also staring  the living legend HIMSELF: Pat Troy.

We are looking forward to a great evening of Irish music and entertainment and hope that youu and your AOH Division will join us.

Thee attached poster has a order form at the bottom for purchase by check or money order.  We  encourage all our brothers to take advantage of the processing fee waive buy purchasing your tickets as soon as possible.  It will help us finance media advertising  as the date nears.

Although the 3 price points have general seating within the section we will  set aside seats within a section for your division if you sell at least 30 tickets(15 couples) and will provide 2 free tickets to the division if you and their friends buy 50 tickets.  You might  consider a  raffle at your church.  The value of the 2 free tickets will be determined by the price point your members select.  If they buy $35 tickets  we will provide 2 $35.

After the first of the year all ticket sales will be generated by instantseats internet sales.  There is a $3.00 service fee for each ticket purchased.   So, Not only will you save about 10% by purchasing now, you will be helping us out by providing needed cash to arrange for the promotional activity to make for a successful  event.

It also makes for a GREAT CHRISTMAS GIFT.


Harry Flynn

Ph 540-286-2701

PS:   Make sure that the order form contains a easily readable e-mail address and the name of your division. We are having some issues with the web link to instant tickets.  When their site opens just type Cooney in the SEARCH box.                                                                                                                                                                                                                       



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