National Tartan Day – Alexandria

Here is your official notification that we are holding a National Tartan Day festival this year, returning to Market Square in Old Town Alexandria.

Most of you have either participated in years past, or, you’ve committed to me some time since last year that you wanted to participate. I hope to see you again.

We in the National Capital Tartan Day Committee decided to not interfere with your Easter plans, and so we moved the date to April 11th. Also, due to the lack of resources and sponsorship, we had to make a hard decision – Cancel the festival completely, or return to Market Square and the half day format. We decided to continue with the festival.

Our website is On the festival page you will start seeing what will be happening on the day of the event (entertainment, layout, your assigned spaces), and recognition of those of you who wish to step up and become sponsors. On the other portions of the website, you will see other National Tartan Day events the National Capital Tartan Day Committee is hosting for our holiday.

Although you may register and make payment the old fashion way (registration forms are attached), we have now enabled our website to accept payment through PayPal. Pay through Paypal, and complete the registration form (and get it to me!), and you are in. Once in, I’ll send you the site map, your assigned space on the square, where to off and on load, and where to park.

Market Square is a little smaller than Waterfront Park, so the first in gets the premier assigned locations closest to the entertainment and the stage (or let me know if you would rather be farther away from the music). We start setting up around 1pm (given the Farmer’s Market folks will be there from the morning), and the opening ceremony starts at 2pm. Below is our schedule of events:

1:30-2:00 The City of Alexandria Pipes and Drums
2:00-2:20 Opening ceremony, and posting of the colors by the Scottish-American Military Society (All national organization representatives are requested to join the master of ceremony on stage; A Clan/Association recognition will occur at this time)
2:20-3:10 The Devil’s Tailors
3:10-3:40 The City of Alexandria Pipes & Drums w/ The Thistle Highland Dancers
3:40-4:30 The Potomac Valley Scottish Fiddle Club w/ The NoVA branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society
4:30-5:00 The Chesapeake Caledonian Pipes and Drums
5:00-5:30 Na Maragan
5:30-6:00 The Chesapeake Caledonian Pipes and Drums

Please remember – this is open to the public, and there is no admission charged for entry. Everyone will be provided single sheet double sided programs for distribution to visitors to your area explaining the event and the reason for National Tartan Day. Let people know that this is our holiday, and invite them to join us!

I look forward to hearing from you, and enjoying a great day in Old Town Alexandria celebrating National Tartan Day!

Ralph Wallace
Festival Chair

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