Parade Time!


Please march with us this Saturday in the “first in the nation” St. Patrick’s Day parade in Old Town Alexandria.  We’ll need at least a couple of people to lead us with our division banner, a couple more to carry flags, and everyone else will fall in line behind. Your families are welcome to march with us as well!

If you have a green jacket, please wear it. If not, please wear something that looks nice and is also comfortable.

If you can get there early, we are gathering at Brother Bill McCarthy’s office (for fellowship, and also to keep warm) around 11:30 amBill’s office is located at 1006 Cameron Street. 

If you get to Bill’s and we are no longer there — please walk about one block south on Cameron — to Cameron between Alfred and Patrick Streets. That is where all the AoH and LAoH groups are supposed to muster before the parade starts.
The parade steps off at 12:30. The marching groups are divided into divisions, and we are in the fifth division — the Emerald Division. So if you show up at Cameron between Alfred and Patrick at 12:45 or even 1 pm, we may very likely still be assembled waiting to get going. If you somehow get lost on your way to the assigned gathering spot, ask any of the helpful parade volunteers to point you in the direction of the Emerald Division spot on Cameron street.

Some of the stuff we do during the year is fun, and some of it isn’t. The parade is a fun event.
Please try and come for the parade (and Bill’s before hand if you can). And then after the parade, we can make our way to Brother Riley’s house for his annual party.

Jim Courtney
President, Frank Herbert-Pat Cady Division

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